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About Tokie

Belly dancing for fun, fitness, and grace!

Learn belly dance from a qualified London belly dance teacher.

Tokie is a belly dance performer, instructor and choreographer based in the London.  

She has dedicated the last 18 years of her life to the art of belly dance, trained in both Classic and Modern Egyptian styles, Turkish style as well as Egyptian Folkloric and Iraqi dance, and she loves to use props such as finger cymbals, veils, stick and fans. 


-Graduated from the Drumzy School of Music & Dance (Performers & Instructor Course) in 2015 

-JWAAD Safety Delivery Course Level 1 Instructor in 2021  

She has studied with a number of international belly dancers, including Amar Gamal (Cuba), Sonia Ochoa (USA), Hossam Ramzy and Serena (UK), Khaled Mahmoud (Egypt), Assala Ibrahim (Iraq), Ozgen (Turkey), Mayel (UK), Tevec (UK), Azad Kaan (Germany) and Julia Farid (Ukraine), and continue her further training to dedicate self- development. 


Tokie has performed various events including weddings, birthday parties, also at theatre show in the U.K. 


Tokie is available to teach private and/or group classes in London/Surrey. She is also available for performances at events like parties, celebrations & more. Tokie is an engaging and passionate performer who truly enjoys sharing the art of belly dance with others.   

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